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Web Development Program

The program provides comprehensive training needed to become a professional Web Developer The program provides comprehensive training needed to become a professional Web Developer and the necessary skills for Web development using the most powerful Languages & tools: HTML, Java Script, CSS, Adobe Photoshop & Server Programming using PHP and database concepts with MySQL.

Course Contents

Module 1- HTML with Advanced Browser Techniques
An Introduction to HTML Getting started with HTML Structural Elements Head tags, Body tags, Frames and Frameset properties, Linking Getting used to HTML Layout Elements Images GIF,JPG and PNG Compression, Tables Pixels and Percentages, Nesting Tables Working with HTML Forms

Module 2- JavaScript For Web Site Optimization
What is Scripting What is JavaScript How to use Java Script in a Web Page Form validations and event handling using javascripts.

Module 3- Web Page Development Using Cascading Style Sheets(CSS)
Comprehensive Introduction to CSS Introduction to Inline, Internal and External Style sheets. How to use CSS for better Optimization Choosing image formats Web Graphic optimization Proper ways of using Tables

Module 4- Graphics Designing using Adobe Photoshop CS3
Introduction to designing Web pages with Photoshop and Image Ready Basics of Adobe Photoshop Working with Slices Optimizing images for the Web Saving and Exporting images

Module 5- Server Side Application Development Using PHP
The Concepts behind e-commerce developments Introduction to PHP How to create dynamic pages using PHP User Session management and Database connectivity Introduction to Localization of web sites. Designing and using Master pages. Introduction to OOP concepts.

Module 6- Introduction to AJAX Concepts
AJAX Basics Implementation of AJAX Program Schedule

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Commencing on :02 January 2017 Monday,
Regular Time : 1.30PM - 5.30PM
Duration : 72 Hours
Program Fee : Rs 26,000/= (or Rs.13,000/- X 2 Installments)
Venue : Ideal Soft, 728 /1/1, Thorana Junction, Kelaniya
Contact : Hotline :- 076 76 78 458, General- +94 0115 682 502
Certificates/ Transcripts/ Letters can be collected during following days/times only.
Day Time Monday – Friday 8.30 am – 3.00 pm